If you’re a member of my insanely big family, feel free to skip this page (you should know this stuff already). For others, feel free to read on.

A disclaimer: I gladly claim the labels geek, nerd, dork, disabled, and cripple (for obvious reasons).

My name is Kate Grisim and I am currently the summer Writer in Residence at Manitoba Writers Guild. This involves eating delicious food from RRC’s student restaurant in the Exchange and writing a lot.

I’m interested in all things disability, and all things writing, but especially where these two mix.

I also just completed my first year of Masters studies in the interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Thanks for visiting!


I wrote the above two years ago. Things have changed, but things have also relatively stayed the same, too. I’m still in school, but now I’m working on The Big Scary Thesis.

Also, I made a conscious decision to leave Facebook a few months ago. With that said, I NEED YOUR HELP to get people to see this blog. Please, PLEASE share, share, share! Share if you like it, share if you hate it (although maybe send me a message letting me know why you hate it…)

I really want to get this blog into the hands of similar minded people in disability studies (although, family and friends, I still love you…). If you have just stumbled across this blog, and love it, please let me know at kate.grisim@gmail.com. I’d love to meet you (even if it’s virtually)!



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