Writing Process Blog Hop

I’m still relatively new to the world of blogging, but when the super smart and talented Will Fawley asked me to be part of a Blog Hop, it was just the kind of thing I couldn’t say no to now that I am – apparently – a blogger.

So I’m going to answer four questions about my personal writing process and then pass it on to three other blog writers to do the same. And be sure to check out Will’s answers at thewildestedge where he writes about books and other interesting things (he also has an MFA in Creative Writing, so I’m not lying when I say he’s pretty dang smart, and no I’m not in the least bit envious).

What am I working on?

At the moment I’m working on an idea inspired by one of the papers I wrote for my studies this year. I’m still trying to flesh the idea out, so the details are still a bit fuzzy and change depending on the time of day, but the narrative is written from a young adult disabled girl’s perspective (go figure), and that’s pretty much how far I’ve gotten in terms of solid details. In addition to the things I write on this blog, I’m also trying to familiarize myself with the personal essay as another way to explore and express my feelings and ideas about disability and the disabled experience.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Well, to be honest and to my great disappointment, there’s not too many people writing fiction about disability. There is some out there, for sure (and some of it’s seriously great stuff great if you know what to look for), but it’s precisely that disparity which caused me to write about disability in the first place.

Why do I write what I do?

Ha. I could probably take a whole day answering this question. Basically, the short answer is that I feel an immense personal responsibility to give a voice to the voiceless, whether or not that is people with disabilities or any other minority who can relate to a marginalized existence. Writing is very personal to me, which is most likely another reason why I didn’t start a blog until recently, but I definitely want to change that in order to open myself up to people reading my work as well as being invited to read other’s work I might not have considered in the past.

How does my writing process work?

Depends on the day. If I just want to get my idea out there, and don’t really have an idea about the “nuts and bolts” of it, it can honestly be quite a slog. At other times, though, if an idea comes to me more fully formed, I can write it out more or less the way I want it and then come back to do some editing once I have created a bit of distance between the idea itself and my need to get it out on paper. For my blog, blessedly, I tend to write on a subject and then have a publishable post in an hour or two. The trick I’ve learned, though, is to only share the post on Facebook a day later when I have read the piece enough times that I have a pretty good idea whether or not other people will respond to it (as well as to ensure I’ve weeded out all the nasty typos that threaten to keep me up at night).

And that’s it. Wasn’t so bad.

Here are the writers I will pass the next phase on to:


Kathryne Grisim (a.k.a. mom) (foodmusings.ca)

Kathryne Grisim of Food Musings believes that food=love. She writes about her culinary adventures whilst traveling, cooking and dining with her family and friends. Her work has appeared on Huffington Post.


Alison Ralph (alisonralph.wordpress.com)

My name is Allison Ralph and I am a photographer, writer, storyteller, aspiring painter, social justice advocate, traveler, lifelong learner, closet comedian, foodie, Whovian, a reader of blogs and excellent books, a drinker of fine loose-leaf teas, and a TCK. The minute I got my hands on a camera at the age of 6, I became a photographer, and I’ve been telling stories ever since. I use my blog to tell some of my stories, to explore writing, to find my voice, to showcase my photography, and to have fun!


Sara Walker (jstanotherstory.blogspot.ca)

27 year old blogger extraordinaire! Just kidding. She is a reader who could easily spend her days basking in the beauty of a good book. Sara is creator of the book blog, Just Another Story, which has just celebrated its 4th anniversary. While Sara is not much of a writer, she loves sharing her thoughts on the books she has read. Discussing literature is one of her favourite things to do.



2 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Hop

  1. I find it surprising that there isn’t more disability literature out there, or disabled characters. But then again I also find it surprising how few places are really accessible, even in the conscientious 21st century. You have a beautiful and unique persective and the world is just waiting for you to tell your stories 🙂

    PS: thanks for all those very nice things you said. *virtual blush*

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